Download Technologies is a premier provider of reliable high-speed Internet file hosting services.

Providing High Speed Internet Solutions For:
• Software Distribution
• Music & MP3 Downloads
• Digital Movie & Trailer Downloads
• Electronic Newsletter Circulation
• Online Magazine Distribution
• Digital Photo Archives
• CD/DVD Image Downloads
• High-Volume File & Web Hosting
• Instant Web Site “hot-backup”
• Electronic Document Delivery
   (e.g., PDF, DOC, Postscript)
• Off-Site Secure Data Archival
• News Delivery
• Domain Hosting
• Customized Distribution

At the heart of DTI's file hosting service is our exclusive NearPath technology. NearPath™ is a sophisticated set of technologies that provides automatic site-to-site synchronization of customer uploaded files, best site selection - directing downloads to the site/server that is nearest to the user, and dynamic site-to-site monitoring and load balancing that ensures that downloads are directed to sites/servers that are always operational and never overloaded. The technology provides a completely distributed server model with no single points of failure.
To learn more about NearPath, click here.

Our service is based on a geographically redundant network, with connections to multiple Internet backbones at major Internet exchange points. Customer files are simultaneously distributed from multiple locations, including San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington, DC. If a site should become unreachable for any reason, our other locations automatically take over ensuring zero downtime. In addition, we use fault tolerant RAID-5 storage with full off-site backups and have "hot" standby redundant servers as well. We deliver unsurpassed carrier-grade service with better than 99.999% uptime.

All of our servers are locked down tight using a multi-tiered approach, including secure-by-design server software, firewalling, and strict physical security.


We're a pioneering leader in deployment of the next-generation IPv6 network. IPv6 will eventually replace the current IPv4 network and brings many important advancements in the areas of performance, scalability, and security. In addition to our multi-gigabit IPv4 connectivity, DTI is one of only a very small number of Internet services companies that is directly connected to the IPv6 network without using an IPv4 "tunnel". A direct connection is faster, more reliable, and more efficient than tunneling. Your files will be served simultaneously on both the IPv4 and IPv6 networks, providing you and your customers with the most advanced download technologies available.

High Performance
We have provided the file hosting services for some of the most popular software in the world and have the capability to handle over a 100 million downloads per day. With our multi-gigabit network, users download content at speeds that are typically limited only by their own Internet connection.

Easy Activation
We have easy online account signup. Most accounts are created and can be serving your content the same business day; urgent requests are typically handled within one hour of receiving your completed account application. Our service agreement is simple — no long-term service commitment is needed. We accept major credit cards, and can establish net terms for larger accounts.

Service & Support
We offer 24x7 live phone support. We do whatever it takes to keep your files available on the Internet at all times, including having engineers on 24-hour standby to resolve even the most complex of issues.

In addition to delivering your content extraordinarily well, we only charge for delivered data (bandwidth you actually consume). Our pricing is among the most aggressive in the industry.

Our highly tuned network with multiple gigabits of bandwidth complements our custom hardware and software technology to handle the largest content distribution needs. We maintain sufficient network capacity to peak at more than 10 times our normal traffic levels. Our clients distribute their mission-critical content every day to tens of millions of their customers world-wide. We take great pride in continuing our tradition of providing excellent service that is scalable to any need our customers may have.

Reseller Partnering
We license our solutions and services to companies who are interested in leveraging their offerings with our services. Call us for details about our reseller program.

About Download Technologies
Download Technologies provides ultra-high reliability Internet file hosting services to the most demanding customers. We specialize in delivering vast amounts of data quickly and reliably, having developed and refined our file hosting and download solutions for more than a decade.


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